Throughout Ceylan's history, our main mission has not changed. The main goal of the company is to acquaint Azerbaijan with the goods of our partners, expand the distribution network, creating strong trusting relationships and providing consumers with products of decent quality and at an affordable price. We guarantee the availability of products in the sale points with the maximum coverage of the territory in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, high-quality implementation of marketing initiatives and ensure stable sales growth.


We offer a rational, effective provision of services of customs registration, carriage, storage, optimization of transportation and distribution of goods to the sale points. In addition to resources, we also have invaluable experience and knowledge gained over more than twenty years of the company's history.

Logistics includes:

  • Customs registration
  • Freight forwarding
  • Legal services
  • Insurance of cargo 
  • Transportation and delivery of goods
  • Warehousing

Customs registration

When importing and exporting goods outside Azerbaijan, each company has to deal with a complex procedure for customs registration of goods. The cost of time and resources, as well as the cost of customs clearance itself, can be simply crucial due to the wrong approach to filling out the forms, ignorance of the latest updates in the legislation.

In order to avoid difficulties, you can entrust the handling of this procedure to our specialists. Ceylan employs professionals in foreign economic activity, for whom customs registration services are the main, constantly practiced type of activity.

Freight forwarding

Today freight forwarding is one of the priority course of the Ceylan company. An important stage in forwarding is the customs clearance of goods. It also includes work with government agencies, which is regulated in accordance with the law .

Our company provides quality forwarding services. We fully follow up the process from the moment client`s goods are loaded until the goods are received by the customer. We manage to deliver the goods on time, at a reasonable price and in addition carry out the entire range of customs procedures that are required when importing or exporting goods.

İnsurance of cargo

Despite the fact that during transportation by road the risk of loss or damage to cargo is reduced to almost zero, it is recommended to insure some of the goods. We are ready to provide you with a full range of services for the delivery of goods, including insurance. Cargo insurance during transportation can have several variations. You should choose the right option according to the kind of transported goods. 

1. The most expensive option takes full responsibility for all risks. In this case, the insurance covers all damage that may be caused to the goods for any reason.

2. Insurance of transport may also be incomplete. It means that liability in this case will only arise in the event of a private accident.

3. Cargo insurance by the carrier may also be without liability for damage, except in cases of crash.

Transportation and delivery of goods

We provide road transport of goods, which is one of the safest types of delivery from the seller to the buyer. Although road transportation is not the fastest, it has a number of obvious advantages. For example, a price that will differ significantly from air travel. In addition, it is not always advisable to transport goods by air, and even more so by sea.

Also, the transportation of groupage cargo is now in great demand. This method of transportation is very popular because the cost of delivery can be much lower. In such cases, the cost is divided between several companies that order the same transport.

It is important to understand that cargo transportation services include not only the provision of transport. Logistics companies are engaged in route planning so that the transport delivery of goods is optimal for the customer.

Well-trained staff, which is the business card of our company, also contributes to successful work. Ceylan's lawyers will prepare a complete package of documents, warehouse workers will take care of the ideal storage conditions for goods, and freight forwarders will accompany the cargo throughout its route.

Over the years of impeccable work, Ceylan has proven the highest level of competence in all matters related to the transport of goods by road.


Storage of goods is one of the most important steps in delivering goods to customers. Therefore, Ceylan approaches responsibly to warehousing. Ceylan has 7 main warehouses located in cities such as:

  • Baku
  • Sumgait
  • Sheki
  • Khachmaz
  • Ganja
  • Lankaran
  • Sabirabad

Delivery of goods from these cities covers all regions of Azerbaijan.

Ceylan company specializes in organizing cargo transportation from European countries to Azerbaijan and vice versa. High-quality prestigious goods from Europe require proper handling during transport and storage. The quality characteristics of the cargo are influenced not only by the speed of delivery, but also by the conditions of its storage at warehouses. Therefore, Ceylan provides warehousing of goods on the basis of terminals equipped with first-class warehouse equipment at the most modern level. Our warehouses are equipped with refrigeration units, thanks to which the company can provide all conditions for the storage and subsequent distribution of goods to the retail network.