Bahlsen is the oldest German manufacturer of premium cookies established in 1889. Several generation has grown up on Bahlsen products for over 130 years of history.  The highest quality Bahlsen cookies are the perfect complement to a Cup of tea or coffee.


Lindt chocolate was and remains a symbol of the famous Swiss chocolate. The founder of the company, Rudolf Lindt created that soft, delicate chocolate. For almost 150 years, chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland and the rest of the world have been unsuccessfully trying to uncover the secret of the Lindt family chocolate recipe.



The classic shapes of Italian cuisine, enhanced by Delverde recipe, the same for over 50 years, based on spring water and durum wheat semolina. A wide range of long and short pasta to always ensure best dishes. Discover all. Wholewheat and organic. A pleasant taste of natural wheat, 100% Italian and organic, and all the benefits of fiber.


Our Cocoa Selection concentrates on the essentials because there is not much else than cacao in our Cocoa Selection. Only 3 or 4 ingredients - good chocolate does not need more! The cocoa in each bar comes from just one country of origin - Ghana, Nicaragua, or Peru and is 100% certified sustainable.

The Dr.Körner manufacture organic wholegrain crispbreads!
Crispbreads have make  only from organic products: specially selected wheat grain, buckwheat, rice, corn, and other healthy whole grains. Our dietary products are preferred by those who care about themselves.

Bic has been one of the leading companies for more than sixty years. It all started in 1945, when Marcel Bich founded a company that produces fountain pens and mechanical pencils. At the moment, the expanded range of BIC products includes not only a variety of office supplies for adults and children, but also lighters and razors.

In 1905, the founder of the St. Michel company Joseph Grellier baked his famous round cookies for the first time. He reached success due to his wife, who decided to sell cookies to ladies on the local beach. The first St Michel factory opened in 1919. Over the years, the company has developed new recipes to please us.

Good Day is a company that creates delicious instant coffee. It is made only from selected Arabica beans collected in a volcanic area on the Java island in Indonesia. The company uses the most modern technologies for the production of Good Day coffee.

Discover the incomparable taste of real Italian pasta Garofalo! Garofalo has an outstanding heritage. Garofalo's unique pasta recipe has been improved over the years. Since 1920, the brand has confidently taken one of the leading positions in the premium pasta segment.

A glacier, which became a source of water for inimitable quality Isbre, formed about 10.000 years ago in the remote and majestic Norwegian mountain and Hardanger fiord in Ulvik. Water obtained as a result of melting ice is considered one of the most useful for human health. Isbre water has received the EU trademark and certification from the United States Patent and Trademark office as "The World's Best Drinking Water".

Mumtaz rice gives you a unique aroma and authentic taste of basmati rice. The word "basmati" literally means "Fragrant". Due to the low gluten content, the grains are easily washed and separated from each other. Pilaf made from Mumtaz rice will certainly turn out to be airy, crumbly and flavorful.

Basilur company was founded by Andrey Marievik and Dr. Gamini Abeywickrama. All standards that Basilur uses for the production of tea are confirmed by the Lion Logo, which signifies the symbol of quality. Basilur's constant innovation, unique packaging and tea blends make Basilur products exceptional.

BIP company provides not only delicious and healthy snacks, but also combines candy and toys, which are two favorite children’s things. Since 1987, BiP has become one of the leading companies in the world. Bip company uses only natural flavorings and colorings for the production of confectionery products.